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The National Montford Point Marine Association, Inc Hall Of Fame is the embodiment which recognizes and honor those who have demonstrated their commitment in the promotion and advancement of the organization; through community volunteerism and programs that promote the history and legacy of the Montford Point Marines.

Dave Culmer

Mr. Culmer enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1949, completing recruit training at Montford Point Camp. He has the distinction of being a member of the last Platoon to attend basic training at Montford Point. Mr. Culmer retired from the Corps 1972 after serving 23 years at various billets including Cherry Point, Okinawa, Chu Lai and Ky Ha, Vietnam and Thailand.

Mr. Culmer has been a member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the NMPMA for over 40 years and he has raised many thousands of dollars on behalf of Los Angeles Chapter 8, and our National Association.

 Since retiring from the Marine Corps, Mr. Culmer has served veterans with the Department of Veterans Affairs for 22 years in numerous capacities. He is also the past Chairman of the Los Angeles County Veterans Advisory Commission; former Chairman of the National Veterans Foundation; former Service Director for the American Legion of the Los Angeles County Council; and member of the Greater Los Angeles Mental Health Consumer Advocacy Council.

Mr. Culmer has demonstrated an understanding of the needs of his fellow veterans and has spent his life supporting their best interests and greater good, recently advocating for changing “Post Trauma Stress Disorder” to “Military Trauma Reaction,” which clearly defines the mental and emotional wounds that affect America’s Military Veterans.

Because of his commitment to service, Dave Culmer was inducted in the NMPMA Hall of Fame.

Carrell Reavis

Dr. Reavis was drafted in to the U.S. Marine Corps in 1943. Dr. Reavis was among the first black marines in boot camp at Montford Point, located at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.  After his training, he was stationed in Hawaii during World War II, and served in an ammunition company.

After World War II, Dr. Reavis served with the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing during the Korean War. Throughout his military career, he maintained numerous positions including, military police, criminal investigator and as a guard detachment non-commissioned officer. Including his service with the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing,

Dr. Reavis retired from the Marine Corps after 21 years of service. He underwent training as a barber and later completed an Associate’s degree in real estate. In 2002, he received an honorary Doctorate degree of Humane Letters from the Virginia University of Lynchburg.

He is a co-founder and 1st director of the San Diego Martin Luther King parade, which has been established as a San Diego tradition for close to 30 years. He continues to support the community as an adviser to the Board of Directors of the County Supervisor of San Diego, the Board of Directors of Francis Parker School, and was a Commissioner for the Naval Academy Commission.

Dr. Reavis continues to be an active member of the San Diego Chapter of the Montford Point Marine Association.  Because of his commitment to service, Dr. Reavis was inducted in the NMPMA Hall of Fame.

2015 Recipients

SgtMaj. Melvin O. Chestnut

Hon Theodore R. Britton

2016 Recipients

James Carr

Houston T. Shinal

Lee Douglas, Jr.

James T. Averhart, Jr.

John W. Jones, Jr.

LtGen. (Ret) Ronald L. Bailey

Clarence Davis

Francis M. Hooper, Jr.

2017 Recipients

Eugene Groves

Sylvester Howard

Richard Walker

Vaughn M. Whitworth

2012 Recipients

Gen. (Ret) James F. Amos

Sen. Kay Hagan (NC)

Hon. Corrine Brown (FL)

Hon. Anthony C. Hill (FL)

MSgt. James Carter

1stSgt. George Kidd

Capt. Eddie Q. Hicks

Paul Hagan

2013 Recipients

Finney Greggs

Anthony Chestang

2014 Recipients

Phil Herout

2009 Recipients

David Fortune

Charles Vernon

1stSgt. George O. Herring

Clarence Broussard, Sr.

Jesse Hampton

Louis Gossett, Jr.

MGySgt. Gilbert T. Taylor

Rev. Steven King, Jr.

2010 Recipients

MGySgt Robert E. Reid

MGySgt Nathaniel R. Hosea

MGySgt Joseph H. Geeter, III

Aaron German

David C. Jackson

Berthond B. Potts

2011 Recipients

Regina B. Lawrence

SSgt. L.E. Mike Johnson

Noddie L. Gayles

James E. Stewart, Jr.

Aaron Cunningham

Luther T. Dixon

William Hill

Sterling E. Gilliam

2006 Recipients

GySgt. John Clouser

George Taylor

James Jackson

Kenneth Rollock

John W. Hagan

Herman Darden

2007 Recipients

Thomas Cork, Sr.

Raymond Murry

Averitte W. Coley

Lancaster W. Price

Albert Jackson

SgtMaj. Nathaniel W. James, Jr.

SSgt. Lasalle R. Vaughn, Sr.

2008 Recipients

Alexandria Johnson

LtGen. Ronald S. Coleman

MGen. Walter E. Gaskin

John O. Tilghman

William E. Washington

Charles Stallard

SgtMaj. Agustus Willis

2003 Recipients

MGen. Leo V. Williams

Robert C. Garrett

Rev. Norflette Mersier

Jerome B. Milburn

LtCol. Eric M. Lindsay

2004 Recipients

LtCol. Demetrious Bellizare

William J. Foreman, Sr.

Leo Taylor

McFall C. Gourdine

2005 Recipients

LtCol. Joseph Carpenter

Norman Payne

Joseph Davis

SgtMaj. Johnny Washington

Wendell R. Ferguson

John Vanoy

Harry Hamilton

John T. Covington

O'ther Givens

2000 Recipients

Henry Baul

Gen. Raymond Davis

Hon. David Dinkins

Gene Doughty

James A. Edwards

1stSgt. Jack McDowell

GySgt Reuben McNair

SgtMaj. Agrippa W. Smith

MGen. Clifford Stanley

Wanda Welch

Norman Sneed

Albert Powers

Garfield James

James Hart

John Green

2001 Recipients

SgtMaj. James McCargo

Capt. Samuel Saxton

Dr. Herman Rhett

Mortimer A. Cox

Col. Gilda Jackson

Capt. Joe Myers

Helen Peters

PFC Robert H. Jenkins

PFC Oscar H. Austin

Sgt. Rodney M. Davis

PFC. Ralph H. Johnson

MSgt. Russell W. Curtis

PFC James A. Anderson

2002 Recipients

Capt. James A. Fairfax (USN)

Capt. Thomas McPhatter, D.D. (USN)

1stSgt. Barnett Person

James E. Stewart

SgtMaj. Ralph G. Balara

1999 Recipients

Henry H. Anderson

MGySgt. Brooks Gray

MSgt. Ivin Baker

CWO Annie Grimes

MGen. Charles Bolden

SgtMAj. Edgar R. Huff

Capt. Frederick C. Branch

SgtMaj. Gilbert H. Johnson

Jimmy Carter

Hon James E. Johnson

Alexander Chappell

SgtMaj. Cecil B. Moore

MGen. Gary Cooper

LtGen. Frank Peterson

Richard Dalton

L. Steven Robinson

Leroy A. Dandridge

SgtMaj. Louis Roundtree

Hon Fred Davidson, III

Norman Triplett

Arthur F. Early

Capt. Bobby Troup

James A. France

Col. Samuel A. Woods, Jr.

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Neither the United States Marine Corps nor any other component of the Department of Defense has approved, endorsed, or authorized this activity.

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